Divorce Lawyer Fort Wayne

Looking for a divorce lawyer in Fort Wayne? Trust an experienced Family Law attorney. Referred to as “Family Law,” divorce and other family matters cover a wide range of situations including:

  • Divorce or dissolution of marriage
  • Annulment
  • Paternity
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Prenuptial Agreements

Trust an experienced family law and divorce lawyer to assist you in understanding this emotional and complicated area of law.

Divorce / Dissolution / Annulment

When a marriage ends emotionally, there are three options for ending the marriage in the legal sense. Divorce is the generic term used and technically there is a mechanism for divorce under Indiana law, but the “no-fault” (and quicker, cheaper, etc) procedure is dissolution. Another option is to annul the marriage, primarily where there has been fraud in entering into the marriage or where one or both spouses have religious reasons to annul the marriage instead of dissolving it. In either situation, dividing assets and debts, determining custody and support of children, spousal maintenance, and other issues can be complicated. Our experienced divorce attorneys can advise you whether you are considering filing or an action has already been filed against you.

Rick Beers is a successful Fort Wayne divorce lawyer.  He has expertly handled hundreds of divorce and family law cases, many resulting in contested trials with excellent results. Our office offers help with support and parenting time enforcement, protective orders, and prenuptial agreements.

Dissolving your marriage is often a difficult and emotional decision and can be a lengthy process. Choose a Fort Wayne divorce lawyer that will guide you through the steps of separating assets and deciding custody.  How will you divide debt and wealth between the two of you?  Who will keep the house?  Will you seek joint or sole custody of your children?  Who keeps the family pet?

Your Fort Wayne divorce lawyer can also be a much-needed resource while you sort out other arrangements.

A Family Law Attorney that Works for You

Every family law case is different. When researching Fort Wayne lawyers or lawyers near you, consider choosing a firm that has a successful record and personal attention to each case. When you choose Beers Law Office, you will interact directly with Rick himself, instead of a paralegal or legal assistant.

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