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When the time comes to choose a lawyer, it can be overwhelming.  After all, one usually doesn’t seek out legal counsel until there is an urgent reason.  Whether you are seeking a Fort Wayne lawyer for help with your personal injury, divorce, criminal defense, wrongful death claim or other legal needs, we at Beers Law Office have the essential tips for choosing the right lawyer for you:

  1. Experience

When you set up a free consultation with your lawyer, make a note to ask about experience.  Too often you will choose a law firm and end up with a paralegal – but not at Beers Law Office. This is your chance to establish who will be handling your case and the kind of legal experience they have with cases like yours.  How many has he or she won?  How long has the firm and its attorneys been practicing law?  Make sure you are confident in the answers.

  1. Reputation

No one will know better about your lawyer’s track record as being an honest and professional attorney than other attorneys and former clients. Take a look at his/her reviews and ask around town before you decide on hiring that particular lawyer.  Peer insights and client testimonials might surprise you.

  1. Personality

This might seem like a no-brainer, but choosing a lawyer you get along with is critically important. You will want the person who is handling your stressful case to have empathy and to understand you.  When meeting for your free consultation, take careful mental notes about his/her style of communication and whether the fit is right.

We would love the opportunity to answer these questions for you. Contact Beers Law Office, Fort Wayne attorney-at-law, today to set up a free consultation.

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